SSA JJ Jareau (likemy_role) wrote in invisible_color,
SSA JJ Jareau

Dead cars and dead kids (roleplay for hell_ofa_thing)

It was only Friday afternoon when the plane arrived back in DC, but somehow it felt much later then that. Was it really only two days since they'd sat around the table, debating if the file she'd brought to the team's attention was really a case or just an unfortunate coincidence?

As far as cases went this one could be considered a good one; from the time they'd arrived not a single life was lost, not even the unsub's. It had taken a toll, though. On her. On Garcia too, who had identified with Christopher. Her best friend had been quieter then usual on the plane ride home, but had perked up once they got back to the office and found Kevin waiting for her just outside her office. By now he knew better then to enter her domain without permission.

Hotch left the office within minutes of getting there, needing to see Jack after the two days away. While the rest of the team seemed to be making plans for a late lunch or early drinks JJ slipped away, taking the elevator down to the parking garage. She had her own son to hold. Seeing his happy face would balance out the pain that hung around her neck along with the small gold heart. Maybe she'd tell her son a story about his aunt.

She tossed her go bag, briefcase and purse into the trunk of her car and slid into the drivers seat. Nothing happened when she turned the key.

"Come on, not today. Please." She tried again, but when there wasn't even a sound or a flash of dashboard lights she slumped forward, resting her forehead against the steering wheel. Great. This was just great.
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