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She waited until the kids were asleep before bringing up the idea.  Two months had passed since Will's death and things were starting to get back to normal.  Little things had changed, though, things that didn't seem like they were temporary.  Henry was quieter then he'd been at the start of the summer, but it wasn't and angry quiet like it had been in the weeks following the funeral.  Maybe he would have become more introspective anyway, given his age, but it had happened more quickly.  He didn't open up as much as he once had, didn't confide in her like he used to.  There were so many things that seemed to go on in his head, and only some were shared with her.  A few more were shared with Dave.  She wasn't sure if it was the fact that he was a guy, or if henry, having lost one father, was worried about keeping his second father close.  Maybe it was just that it was easier to talk to him, or that the runs they took nightly still were a quiet place to share the thoughts of the day.

She wouldn't be human if she wasn't a little bit jealous, sometimes.  Rationally she understood, but emotionally she missed her baby boy, and ached for him.  She was so happy, at the same time, to watch the special bond Dave and Henry had always shared grow.  Grateful, too, that Henry had someone to fill the needs he had in these confusing months.  

Once they were alone in the bedroom she tugged her shirt over her head.  "I've been thinking that it might be good for you and Henry to go do something for a couple of days.  He mentioned camping, earlier; one of his friends is going with his dad.  It would be something fun before school starts next month.
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