SSA JJ Jareau (likemy_role) wrote in invisible_color,
SSA JJ Jareau

Little blue plus sign (RP for hell_ofa_thing)

They hadn't been trying to get pregnant.  They hadn't not been trying to get pregnant either, but somehow it had come as a shock when she'd figured out that a missed period, a craving for caramel apples and throwing up three times in the past week all pointed at one life changing fact.  She'd gone to CVS two days ago, then to her doctor yesterday.  Now after she set down her phone she found herself naturally resting her hands on her stomach, just above the child she and Dave had made together.  If the doctor was right then the conception had happened during the very intense lovemaking the day his brother had died; between making arrangements and going to pick up Henry they hadn't had any sex for more than a week after that night.She smiled a little, wistfully, at the idea; she wondered if it would help comfort her grieving lover.

When she'd learned that she was pregnant with Henry her first emotions were fear and trepidation; it had taken weeks before she felt anything akin to excitement, and even then it was a nervous kind of energy.  She loved her son more than almost anything in the world, but she'd been terrified about being a mother, anxious about what Will would think, scared to tell Hotch and worried about keeping hr job.  Though she felt the flutter of nerves in her stomach now the unsettled feeling was long gone.  She was with a man who loved kids, she was secure in her ability to do her job, and most importantly had faith in her ability to be a mother.  She was far from the perfect mother but her son was pretty damn awesome.  He was also loved, just as this baby would be.

The elevator doors slid open and JJ let her hands fall as Dave, Hotch and Emily came through the glass doors.  The middle of the BAU bullpen wasn't the place to tell Rossi about his impending fatherhood.  She'd tell him when they were at home.

It was a light day, fortunately, and they were able to leave on time.  JJ wasn't sure how long she could act 'normal;' as it was she knew she was quieter than usual.  She did manage to keep up her end of the conversation as they drove home together, and to listen patiently as Henry told them about his day after the nanny left and it was just the three of them.  Her mind did wander sometimes, though, as she tried to figure out how to tell Dave the news.  She wanted to tell him before Henry, so they could tell her son together.  She was sitting at the counter musing when the smell of the onions Dave was cutting wafted in her direction.  her stomach's revolt was almost instantaneous; she barely made it to the bathroom before emptying the contents of her stomach into the toilet.

"I'd forgotten how fun this part was," she muttered softly enough that no one, except the baby, could hear here.
Tags: canon: criminal minds, featuring: david rossi, muse: jj jareau, verse: slowing dancing
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