SSA JJ Jareau (likemy_role) wrote in invisible_color,
SSA JJ Jareau

Can't catch my breath [RP for hell_ofa_thing]

Dave didn't do book tours often, not the kind he used to do, weeks on the road staying at five star hotels.  Working at the BAU it was hard to find the time, other than when he had vacation.  Since they'd started dating vacations had been more likely to include Disney World or rented beach houses.  The longest he'd toured in the last year had been five days, and she'd joined him for half the time thanks to his mother watching Henry for a weekend.  His publisher was making noises, though, especially since another of his books had reached its ten year anniversary.  They'd talked, and it had been decided that he would agree to a two week press junket.  

The bed felt empty, even on the nights she'd let Henry sleep with her.  Days she did fine with, but nights she had no one to talk to, no one to touch, and she missed him.  They talked every night on the phone, but it wasn't the same.  She was coping, though, juggling work and home, remembering what it was like to be a single mother after six months of constantly having a second parent around to help.  The two weeks were almost half over and she figured that she could handle anything.  Anything, except the call she received from Henry's nanny.

Now as she sat in the waiting room of the hospital she'd visited far too often already, waiting while her son to undergo tests they wouldn't let her be in the room for, she wanted more than anything for Dave to be there with her.  Hearing his voice wouldn't be enough, but it was all she had right now.  Emily had stepped out to find them both coffee; Hotch hadn't allowed her to leave the office until she'd agreed to let someone else drive her.  Now that she was alone she dialed the phone and hoped that Dave was somewhere he could answer it.  If he was at a reading it might be an hour before he listened to messages; she couldn't remember his schedule.
Tags: canon: criminal minds, featuring: david rossi, muse: jj jareau, verse: slowing dancing
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