SSA JJ Jareau (likemy_role) wrote in invisible_color,
SSA JJ Jareau

Even the slowest dance has to end sometime [RP for hell_ofa_thing]

For the first time in ages JJ was nervous about seeing Dave Rossi.  She stood on the front porch, not yet ready to knock on the door.  It had been four months since the night she'd slept here for the first time, cuddled on the couch after they'd shared their first kiss and many of their fears.  he had promised her then that they would move slowly, and they had.  Dinners, usually with Henry, had become a weekly norm.  There had been kisses and stolen glances, long conversations by phone and hours just cuddling together watching a movie or talking late into the night.  A few times they had slept together in his bed when it was late and driving home seemed more of a hassle then it was worth, but they'd always been dressed and had done little more then kissing. 

It was what she wanted.  Needed.  What they, both gun shy about commitments and scared of getting hurt had needed to be sure that their friendship and the cohesiveness of the team remained intact.  Four months, though, was a long time, especially when you factored in the five years before that and the number of years before that she'd had a crush on him.  Tonight, unbeknownst to Dave, they were taking more then a baby step forward.  Forget steps, she planned to leap forward, and she was doing it with both eyes wide open.

Henry, though he'd been invited to dinner, was staying at his aunt Garcia's for the night.  JJ was dressed up far more then she usually did for their weekly dinner, in the little black dress that she felt flattered her the most and brand new under things.  Red lace underthings that she'd picked out with Rossi in mind.  She hoped he liked them.

There was no going back now, even if she wanted to which she didn't.  JJ took a calming breath and knocked on the door.
Tags: canon: criminal minds, featuring: david rossi, muse: jj jareau
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