Rupert "Ripper" Giles (erudite_watcher) wrote in invisible_color,
Rupert "Ripper" Giles

Seeking Sanctuary

Giles can feel the energy from the barrier when he's still half a dozen yards away.  It doesn't surprise him; if there wasn't some formidable protection he would have been shocked.  He's ready for it, though, with an amulet and the uttering of just the right words.  The rarely used magicks sizzle under his skin for a moment before punching a hole in the defenses of the place large enough for him to run though.  He's barely though when the whole shield flickers then grows even stronger than before.  He's panting heavily, from running, and his clothes are soaked from the rain. He looks over his shoulder, but fortunately the gate and energy shield is holding out the Ikapeth demon that had been chasing him for the last three days.

When he heard someone coming towards him he held up his hands to show that he had no weapon and posed no threat.  "I-I-I'm terribly sorry about that. I didn't mean to intrude so boldly. Time was rather of the essence, unfortunately, and I had no other choice."
Tags: featuring: helen magnus, muse: rupert giles
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